Welcome to your Positive Lifestyle journey.

You are in the right place. No Doubts No Fear just a Positive Lifestyle

In order to create a Positive Lifestyle sometimes we just need to face our fears and say no to them or rather shift them.

The young man graduated university with honors. The father took him to his parents house to give a gift to his son. 

His father opened the garage where the car was parked under a dusty cover and said, “I want my son, as soon as you start to get to know the world and start earning your first big money. I want to give you a car that I bought many years ago. But this is not a simple car.”

Son lifted the veil and frowned, making it clear that this was not what he had hoped for.

Seeing the son’s reaction, the father added, “Yes, son, this is not a sports car you could have expected, but until you make a final conclusion, take it to the nearest car dealership and say you want to sell it. See how much they will offer you for it.


The son drove there and came back after a while: “They offered me only 500 euros for it and said that the car is very old and no one will need it.”

“I see,” Dad replied calmly, “try to go to the more used parking lot and offer them the same car.

The son took a little longer and, returning a few hours later, tells his father, “they offered more – three thousand euros!” The father nodded wisely and asked his son to go to the vintage car club. Just don’t show anything without expecting it. Maybe they will be interested.

Enthusiastically returning, the son said: “Imagine, only after few minutes they shouted at each other,“ This is a rare Nissan Skyline R34!” And started offering to buy that car from me, offering a hundred and more thousands !!! “Everyone started asking me where I got such an amazing car from, because it’s very, very hard to find one on the market right now!”

The father looked calmly at his son, smiled, and said, “In life you will meet many people who will constantly try to value you, but only in the right place they will be able to understand your true value. And … if you are underestimated – DO NOT GET ANGRY OR UPSET. It will simply mean that you are not in the right place.


As you understand, it’s a very great example and a reminder that whatever maybe unpleasant situation you are experiencing right now, maybe you are just at the wrong place. Every situation can bring positive results at the end, just don’t panic, but instead, look at the bright side. I am sure there is such, if only you decide to see it. No Doubts No Fear just a Positive Lifestyle.

So welcome and let’s start our positive life journey together.