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10 facts you possibly need a fresh start

Check if you may need a fresh start.

Sometimes we may feel somehow, as if we are not who we truly are. The feelings of weirdness. We sure understand that most likely there is something not right. But what? Even though it seems that one day is better than the other day, nevertheless this strange feeling is still there. Inner you is trying to tell you something. Most likely that something is missing. So let’s make life easier, by trying to understand ourselves better. Maybe it’s time to make some changes and so let’s explore. Here are 10 facts to understand better if you possibly need a fresh start in life.

Nevertheless, trust your inner you.

1. Seeking for clarification.

Seeking for clarification, is more like feeling that something is not right. Questioning ourselves if we have made a good decision of doing one or the other things. It’s a bit of fear and being uncertain, if we going to the right direction. Then we may have this need to reach for a some kind of proof to clarify our taken actions. At this point clarification is needed at the most things.

If you are worried that something is not right, most likely you are right. And if you won’t take actions, this feeling will follow you where ever you go.

2. Accidentally looking for problems.

No one wants to get in to some problem right? But we are kinda looking for them accidentally, in other words, subconsciously. Unless you are some kind of person who is feeding yourself with intrigues. But I am sure you are not this kind of person. So at this point you are kind of seeking for excuses to do something differently, not agreeing with things which might even look clear enough. Also then, you are more likely to reject what ever suggestion is given to any situation, without a big reason.

3. Sadness.

Well about sadness I guess there is nothing much to say. Sadness is just opposite of happiness. However, it is possible that one day or the other day is fine, but in general you still feel sad and not so enthusiastic to do the same things you always do. So if you feel sadness, most definitely you need a fresh start or to make some changes. Even little changes. So take the step to start of something exiting what will increase your happy mood.

4. The feeling is somewhat of outsider.

This kind of feeling is when you are watching other people with them enjoying the happy moments, but you can’t feel the same joy. Sometimes it may look like as if you are jealous. But actually the fact is that you are just trying to understand yourself and your own wishes.

5. When you surprise yourself.

Most times, I guess, surprises gives smile. Nevertheless, at this point the meaning of surprise is quite different. In a way, that you did something what wasn’t that good and usually you wouldn’t be doing such. In other words, when your own actions were surprisingly not expected and not so pleasant.

6. Once you do something exciting and not wanting to go back.

We sure all enjoy holidays, good times with friends and all that, but if you start feeling that you rather stay at this mood better, than come back to your real life and your same routine, that means you are looking for some changes subconsciously already. Because, let’s face the fact, as much as you like having fun, most usually after 10 days, or so of your holidays, you want to go back home. Get back to work and your every days life, because you enjoy it. You enjoy your life. But once you think more better is of not coming back, means you are not so happy with your current situation and so that occurs the need of a feeling of freshness.

7. Feeling lonely.

Of course we should know the difference between alone and lonely. Loneliness is giving the feeling not just the absence of someone close, but also the absence of being important or wanted. This is when you are even scared to be alone and most definitely being alone doesn’t give you any joy anymore.

8. Lack enthusiasm of doing something.

At this point most likely what ever actions you make, it doesn’t make you feel anyhow good or better. This is when existing routine become boring, but you still doing this because you are used to it. It does feel like as if being stuck. You are not moving back, but you think you can’t move forward either. And that’s the 8th out of 10 facts, that most likely you need a fresh start.

9. When stop enjoying things, what makes you feel happy.

I am sure there were times, when you were enjoying some even little things. Maybe you had a hobby, maybe most things you have tried were new to you and so full of excitement. So if you have lost that excitement, another ”tick” to apply for a fresh start.

10. The feeling of getting out.

This is the actual feeling of wanting this fresh start, new beginning. It is when you feel too messy and are not able to clean that mess. And not only not able, but also you don’t even want to fix it. It is when you feel tired. Tired of proving things to others, tired of proving your worth and tired of being bored.

So these 10 facts are only my insights that you actually need a fresh start.

I am sure your intuition, your inner you is already telling you all this. But our mind is not so eager to let us go, because new things most times can be scary. And our mind is trying to safe us from unknown space which might hurt you. That’s why as much as we want to take actions, we are still holding us back and we can’t start this new beginning.

This video should help you to feel more happy in seconds, but if you won’t take actions towards your real feelings, the happy mood won’t last long though.

Also if you might feel lie you are stuck and can’t move back or forward maybe you have some BLOCKS which most definitely stop you from having what you truly want.

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