Little bit About KAROLINA

Seeing more dimensions – in Different colors

I do strongly believe, that we all have a very strong potential. Potential to explore, shift and grow. It’s just a matter of time.

Even though this site is actually all about you, but let me introduce here. As you probably understand already, my name is Karolina and at last, now I can admit who I am. I am a Life Coach, Entrepreneur and Zumba Entertainer.

Believe me or not, but to admit all this it took me a while. And if you would like to know why, it’s because of my own blocks and lots of fears. But at least now – I can admit all this.

I don’t know how this happened that you came to my site, but most likely you are looking for something and I guess that something is missing. But I am very sure you will find it in here, or we will find it together.

Karolina Zumba balkonuose


I know so well, sometimes we are looking for some “signs” where to go, what to do or how to handle things in a way to grow. And so I hope, I will appear in your life at the very exact time when you are in very need


  • Life coach – 2020
  • Advanced ho’oponopono practitioner – 2020
  • Belief clearing practitioner- 2019

Once you start – you can never stop.


  • Master – BUSINESS MANAGEMENT – 2008/2010
  • Bachelor – MECHATRONICS – 2004/2008


The Vision

Understand what you want and get it

As we know Life Coaches vision usually is to help someone to reach their own goals, find the purpose and live the epic life.

That’s no doubts. I am here for you with this vision too. Nevertheless, my real wish for you is to make you understand yourself first. Because you already have it all, you might be just a bit lost or stuck. And I want to find this little leaking. That is my goal for you.

Find your own way out

Explore, Shift & Grow

Let’s talk