It’s your time to Go HIGH!

Yes indeed, it’s your very best time to go high. High with vibrations, joy and happiness. I guess no need to say that there is always the right time to be more happy, to enjoy more, to feel the freedom. But yet we still struggle with something. And it’s totally normal. Things happens really and all we need is just to take care of it. But don’t you feel sometimes that you don’t know where to start? What actual actions to take in order to be more positive, more successful, more wealthy, or simply just to be happy.

So let’s do this! Let’s bring you back on track, let’s relax and start as if from the beginning. Just this time to start in a sense that you know why and where you going. Let your passion be flowing up again!

Let’s talk no more, because I think we both can agree that all it matters just to get the peace back, have peace of mind and be happy. And so the question is HOW?

Yes, but really HOW?

Well first of all I would suggest you to really answer few questions to yourself. What is it, why you feel the way you feel? Is the reason you just thought is the actual reason? What can I do about it?

Please, don’t say you have tried it everything. Because if you haven’t solved it yet, means you have not tried all the possible solutions. And maybe some solutions you have not even thought about.

I don’t want to sound somehow, but our life in here has an expiration date. And so if you will keep saying next time, next year, some other time you know quite well that the right time will not come. You know why? Because there will always be excuses, doubts, fears and something more. I know what means: ” …but I am not ready yet…” Well of course! Because you will never be actually ready. Because we don’t know what we don’t know. It will always be a process. So better start enjoying it. 

All you got is now, this very moment. So better start building your positive life journey now. Let’s Go HIGH, so high that even the sky is no limit.

Do you know what you need right now?

I don’t know if you heard the saying “We don’t get what we want, but we get what we actually need”. I partly agree with this saying. Why partly? Well, because we get what we need in order to get what we truly want. So basically we get something today what will be the greatest solid background to fulfill and make our dreams come true.

Can you be satisfied with a candy today if you actually dreaming about the cake? But if your stomach is full? I think at that moment that candy can be enough. But only for that moment. Right? You still may ask, why not to get what we want right now? Well, most likely because we are not yet ready to accept it.  Yep, not ready to accept of what we want. Let me give you an example, let’s say you want more money (who doesn’t want, duh?) but if you would have received money at the age, or stage when you wasn’t wise enough, I guess by now you still wouldn’t have the money. Because at that moment, maybe you would have spent them just like that, without much thinking. But today maybe you would spend them more wisely. Maybe you would spend them to make more money.

So yes, think very well, what you actually need and what you are ready for to accept.

Here below I am sharing some links (yes, they are an affiliate links, but it’s no additional cost to you for the same very great value. Yes – true VALUE!) what will definitely help you to Go HIGHemotionally, physically, financially.

It’s your time to Go really HIGH!

No secret, in order to add something new and greater in to your life you actually have to prepare yourself. Your mind should be clean and clear. And actually you can do this.

I know it may sound, like: ”huh, what are you talking about”?! There are plenty techniques what can help you to let go and come back to yourself. Let go of what ever ”programming” you have been coded since childhood.

I love this technique myself a lot, and that is why I really recommend you to try this. Just try! At least it won’t get worse.

One of my favorite authors Dr. Joe Vitale will explain you very well how this works, why you should do it and you yourself will see what benefits it will actually brings to you.


So now once you have cleaned your ”data” you can start building yourself. And the greatest way to start is to get closer to yourself, understand yourself better and knowing all this you can build a better tomorrow.

Here below you will find personality test what will give you better insights about your strengths and what’s your genius, what can dive you towards success and a wealthy life.


Awesome! So now you are at peace with yourself, or at least you know how to get there, you understand yourself better, because you are familiar with your true strengths and you have your growth tools.

Now it’s time to get your confidence back! If you don’t feel comfortable in your own body or you just keep overthinking, it’s time to practice positivity and adjust your habits.


Okay okay, you might say “ok cool, I am at the peace with myself, I understand what’s my power, I got my confidence back, but how I can go high financially”?

Let me give you an answer from my very own experience. Quite some time ago I tried to build a business. I had no certain idea, my message to the audience wasn’t clear. Damn, I didn’t even know what is my audience. But I knew I want to be involved into business world.

So I found the opportunity for start-ups and I had a mentor who helped me to write down a business plan. Yep, we managed somehow to write it even without a clear idea or some big vision. I even got approved for a small startup funding and therefore I had basically all tools to at least start a small business.

Yet after some time my passion and motivation and even inspiration was gone. Why? I am not even sure, because I was surrounded by people who maybe didn’t encourage too much, but at least did not put me or my ideas down.

But still, I honestly gave up. I gave up not because I didn’t have ideas. I actually had too many of them. But I gave up because I couldn’t see where I am going. I couldn’t understand why I feel the way I feel. I couldn’t give reasonable reasons why I should carry on.

So now I can answer why. Yes I was alone and no one motivated me. So what? Either way no one motivates me now as well. But the difference between then and now is that now I have bigger vision where I am going. Now, if I get stuck at some point I know what to do to go forward. Now, I guess I just know how to kick myself in a butt and say “Get up and stop fucking crying”!

So yes, if you want something bigger in life, your own business or at least be happy with what you do, you should go through and start  building yourself first.

No one can be the greatest motivator to yourself then YOU!

So yes, now that you have it all or at least have an idea how to build yourself and your mentality up it’s time for you to turn your life even slightly better.

Here below you will have few options for how to be your own boss. Maybe it’s something what you have always wanted or maybe you just need some challenges. Either way, even if your wish is to bring more money in life. The choice is yours.

In my opinion, these days even if you have a business but you are not using all the benefits what actually internet is giving you, then I am not sure if it’s still easy to succeed. So as you understand my wish is to give you an opportunity to succeed in Online world. I give you the opportunity and your task is to grab it or not. No pressure. At least it’s worth of trying.



If you feel like you are struggling with some ideas, or you are stuck at some point and basically you can’t find an alternative solution to what ever issue you experiencing right now – FEEL FREE TO CONTACT MERE HERE.