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Explore, Shift and Grow we have here not accidentally.  Being at certain stage dictates certain actions to be taken.  And so I thought to divide them stages into three main ones. Why? Simply because once we recognize at what stage we are, it is easier to take decisions what will lead us to get closer to ourselves and our wishes.

Once we are at a stage when we are not so sure what we want, or if we think we want certain things, but we are not so sure what the first actions should be taken. Or when we feel somehow confused. Then most likely we are still at the Exploring stage. Or if we feel stuck, after we made some decisions, we may also need to “come back” to the basics, which are the Exploring stage.  At this stage we are getting familiar with the new, unseen, “un-tried” things. This saying here suits the best “I don’t know, what I don’t know”. I would say this stage is one of the most important one. Here we find the reasons of why we should stand up and do certain things. Things what we know it should be done, but somehow we still don’t do.

And once it feels completed, it leads us to the next stages. For example, let’s say you have decided to build a house, you can’t start from the roof. You can’t even start from the construction foundations. First you start just from a thought that you want to build a house, then you chose where you want the house to be and so on. So once you have made the decision and you feel you really know what you want, you know the main reason what keeps you motivated and you have checked the ways you can achieve it. Then you chose the actual direction. The direction which suits you the most. At this stage you no longer think:  “If this is really what I want?” Now is the time to take actions and implement tools what you have chosen at your first stage. Now you know where you want to build a house and why you want this. Now it’s a time, to actually build it. Now it’s the time to make the Shift in your life. With being at this stage we also should know and accept the power of our mind. Because Shifting our mind towards our goals is as much as important as taking actions.

So now we know what we want and why, we chose the direction on how should be the best to achieve your goal and now it’s time to Grow.  This stage at first might look like quite easy one, because all you need is just to Grow your happiness. This stage can be joyful to be at, that’s no doubts, but once we pass the first stages honestly. Please don’t get me wrong, it doesn’t mean that if we have reached the Growth stage, it means we stopped Exploring. It simply means that at last we achieved one goal and now we can go for another one.

Yes you may say, that we should think big and see the Big Pictures, which is true. But to achieve the big GOALS at first we should start from somewhere. And the best start is from the beginning. See the big picture, but start from achieving little goal, which is actually leading to the big one.


Explore, Shift and Grow will inspire you to start correctly, take the actual actions and grow your happiness, what we all are wishing for.

Little bit about me

Seeing more dimensions – in different colors.

dancing ENTREPRENEUR - Dance & life coacH

I am someone who will never give up on you. I am someone who’s goal is to achieve your goals. I have chosen to be not just a dance lover, I chose to help you to START or RE- START your life. And at the end of the day, it’s all about the life dance, the dance what makes you feel extraordinary, peaceful and joyful every day.

So what kind of dance do you chose to dance? 

The fact is this – we sure can achieve anything we want. At least this is how I feel. But also another fact is that, to reach things alone sometimes can be quite difficult and stressful. Believe me I know. It does give you certain lessons no doubts, but it also takes lots of precious time, what you actually could enjoy instead of being frustrated and sad. And that is why I am here. I am here to be with you at every step, until you feel confident enough to understand your own real potential.

More about me you can read HERE.

“Life will always surprise you with different challenges, and only you can decide whether to be ready to accept them as fun way to grow, or take them as stressful sacrifice.” – Karolina.


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Explore, Shift & Grow


What People say


Linda Joana

Zumba instructor/ Personal coach

If wasn’t her saying to me – “Yes you should” I am not so sure what would I be doing today. I also remember when she said – “You don’t need to be so serious”. Still keep smiling at this saying 😉


Medeina Vilkauskaite

seo specialist/ entrepreneur

Whenever I meet Karolina I feel the sun is shining brighter. I don’t know exactly why and how she can do this, but she always brings calmness and clear vision with full of motivation to step forward.


Ieva Simaliute

hr specialist


As much as Karolina can be nice and sweet, she can also be quite strict. Strict with making the step forward. I know I can always count on her if I have any doubts of what decision to take.



Daiva Burkaite

self - employed


I always like her positive energy and the way she can be creative. I have learnt a lot and still learning.