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You have no one to rely on? WRONG! You have YOU!

Have you ever felt, you have no one to rely on?

Well yeah, that’s kinda a silly question, because if you are here, reading it, most likely you did have a such feeling.  Why we even search for it when we have it already? Yes, you have yourself. But…I guess we are searching for someone else to rely on, just because we want to feel safe, in case the decision we made wasn’t the right one. Or it can be somehow a plan B, once again, if something went wrong, then you can rely on someone else. But what if, we would find enough courage to rely on ourselves, wouldn’t that be great?

Relying On Yourself Helps You To Grow As An Individual

Take responsibility to live an awesome life

First of all would need to understand, and actually accept, one simple fact: you do have the potential. But, do you use it? Or do you find it at all? In this world, there’s really only one true source that we can rely on to make our lives better and to achieve our fullest potential: ourselves. Yes, no doubts, we do have people around us, family, friends, colleagues, who might be quite awesome source to rely on. But think what happens if this someone isn’t available at that moment when you need them the most? You can’t be even angry at them. You know why? Well, because it’s not their responsibility to make your life awesome. It’s yours!

We need to convince and motivate ourselves

If you have tried to motivate yourself, this may be the hardest task ever, but the only real control over what we do and what we achieve is over ourselves. We can and need to rely on ourselves to achieve our greatest potential; no one else can go ahead and force us to achieve greatness or do the things that only we are capable of. We already can do great things, but apparently we haven’t convinced ourselves about it just yet. Instead of trusting our potential, very often we might be concentrated on finding courage in others. Yes indeed, someone else might encourage us to step up, but only us who can really make the decisions to either move forward or stay still, or even stuck. We need to convince and motivate ourselves to do it continuously, which means we must rely on ourselves to help us grow as individuals and achieve the great things we are capable of doing. So the inspiration is inside of you, all you need is just to trust that feeling.

It’s vital to rely on ourselves

If we know we have a skill that can help to make a positive impact on our world, others may encourage us to use that skill, but only we have the power to actually use it. Therefore, it is vital that we rely on ourselves to get things done, take control of situations, improve ourselves as individuals, and really work to achieve our greatness. Taking control, I mean more of controlling our mind, by saying ”Yes I can and I will”. Once we control our mind, we control our actions. No one else can do that for us; they can only control their own inner greatness and bringing it out into the world. We have to do that for ourselves to truly make an impact on our world in the best way we can. The greatest impact on our world will be then, when we accept our own greatness. There is no one greater and most powerful to you, than yourself.

It’s also about the trust

So it’s truly about the trust. The trust in our own decisions, trust that not she or he should be always right, and that you have to follow them. Trust yourself, trust your intuition. Every day can be different and the way you want it to be, if only you wish for. So maybe then they need to follow you? If this would help you to trust more in yourself, grab this idea and tell to yourself ” It’s them who should follow me, I know what I am doing and I do trust myself totally”. Just to make sure you don’t allow your ego to take in control. We sure don’t want that.

Is it better to learn, or admit it?

Therefore, it is vital that you attempt to do things for yourself and learn from your mistakes. Most of the times we do convert the word “mistake” into a “lesson”. It’s just a more positive way to say, that we learn from our mistakes, so we don’t get stuck in a mode of feeling sorry for ourselves. Then it’s easier to get up and move on. Nevertheless, I think sometimes it is important to really admit that – “YES, I have made a mistake”. Most likely, admitting it, it’s even more powerful then cover it up under the word “lesson”. Admitting your mistake – will free you up. Admitting the fact, that you have made a mistake will lead you to acceptance that you are a human being. And being a human it’s normal to do mistakes. How will you know something is right, if you don’t know that it’s wrong? So yes, make mistakes to find out what is right, or better to say – what is better for yourself.

Accept your mistakes – accept yourself

So because, you accept your mistakes, you accept the fact that no need to be somehow perfect. It’s normal to make mistakes. And actually there is nothing wrong or embarrassing about it. There would be more embarrassing if we would keep doing SAME mistakes on and on, that’s a bit awkward. But still, if making a mistake where the feelings are involved, to learn from them, can be so much more difficult. That is why we learn on our improvement and growth. We learn to understand ourselves better. Also to understand our feelings based on the emotions caused by something or someone. That’s why we learn to take in control of our own life. There are lots of great people who have made mistakes in the past and they still got up. Sure, we can say they have learnt from them, but I think what they did – they have accepted these mistakes at first. Also, if we accept, it’s so much easier to analyse them, because we do not run away from them. Then it’s more easy to look at it from the different angles. And so, it’s just a part of our journey to the greatness.

Learn New skills and Abilities

It is also vital to broaden your activities and tasks so that you learn new skills and abilities that can help you to grow as an individual and be more confident in various situations. Why so? Well first of all, learning new skills, or learning something new broadens your knowledge already. Also it is very exciting. Imagine, one moment you didn’t know how to solve some issue, now you know and you can even help others to solve it. Isn’t that exciting? And again, no one can really force you to take on these new challenges and tasks except you. But if you won’t understand the importance of it, then most likely you not going to want to learn it. So don’t go for a “victim’s mode”. Instead of saying “I don’t know how”, better say – “I will find out how”. Believe me, it’s so awesome to learn new things. New things and new experiences what still can surprise you.

Unexpected challenge

It’s also important that you don’t always look to someone else to handle a situation or an unexpected challenge for you that arises. Achieving your own greatness means being able to handle unexpected situations and challenges, and there won’t always be someone else there to handle such a situation or challenges; at times, you will be the only one who can make a real difference, which means you must be able to rely on yourself and your abilities to make that difference. I know at a times making own decision might be a little bit scary. But it’s because we might be not so confident in being responsible of our own actions and behave. It’s your own life, so responsibility for it’s greatness is yours and no one else really. Being able to do so can help you to grow as an individual and enable you to reach your greatest potential and impact your world in the most powerful way possible. In such case any unexpected challenge becomes a fun task to handle and you can become even 1 percent greater than yesterday.

Self confidence is the key once you taking actions to rely on you

If you don’t have confidence in your own abilities and instincts, others won’t either

Gaining confidence in your own abilities and instincts is key to achieving your best potential and the greatness that lies within you. You need to be able to trust yourself and your skill set in order to handle life’s challenges well and also be seen as someone who can make a positive difference and/or impact in people’s lives. So if you don’t have confidence in your own abilities and instincts, others won’t either, and you will always hold back yourself to reaching your best potential and ability in life. Therefore, it is vital you gain confidence in your own abilities and instincts to reach your greatest potential; learn how to gain that confidence below.

Be more confident in various situations


If you are confident with yourself, then you are confident in various situations. Isn’t it? But if there is no confidence in ourselves? Can we still be confident in various situations or different life tasks? Actually what I think, maybe this should be the first thing to review once you are looking for the confidence in you. First, have a look how great you are in some different activities you do already. I am sure there is at least one thing that you are so great at. You may not even notice, because it’s so natural to you. But try to think, and I am sure you can find something you are really good at and from there would be quite easy to step up and expand your confidence little by little. Even just 1 percent every day is enough as long as you moving up.

The ego that controls us, will never lead to the greatness and wisdom.

Increase Your confidence

To gain more confidence in your own abilities and instincts, first, look back upon the successes you’ve had in your life. This can be doing well in a course, getting your first job, being hired in the working world for the first time as a professional, etc. Look back at any and all of these successes and realize that you have the ability to achieve great successes and accomplishments, and you have already achieved several, even if you don’t think about them often. This can increase your confidence that you have what it takes to succeed in this world and need to trust those skills and instincts more. I know maybe at first you may say “I don’t have big achievements”, but even little ones counts.

Take others as part of you and will be easier to expand your confidence

So I am very sure you know it already, right? You know that being confident will help you to live life the way you want. So as for me confidence means being myself and don’t have the feeling of shame, if I say something silly or if I behave somehow else than everyone else does. In order to expand the confidence I simply absorb others and I feel them. I see them as part of me. Because what we see in others it’s only our own reflection, isn’t it? So absorbing others and seeing them as humans also, allows me to be part of them too. At the end of the day, we all share the same energy. So the way they behave, what they say, it’s normal. They might be moody that day, or they have a worry or just a bad day. Don’t take things too seriously and personally, most likely they didn’t mean to hurt you. Even if you meet mean people, leave them as the way they are. I am sure they have so much more problems in life then you have 😉

Current task you taking on

You sure need to be willing to try new tasks and activities. Yes, it’s quite similar as learning new skills and abilities. But this really will increase your skill set and enables you to gain confidence in you handling a wide variety of situations and challenges. By experiencing the feeling of handling a new task or activity well, you will gain confidence in your abilities and instincts to handle various situation. Oh and by the way, I know you might say “But I am not good at learning new things”. Well, I am sure it’s not so true, because you shouldn’t be predicting that you going to fail, before even starting. Start first, find out who and how can help you, pick up the right strategy and you are good to go. Also, I am sure you have heard at least one good word from someone, about your super power. So hold on that saying and concentrate on it. Sometimes, it can benefit us to hear from other people how much confidence they have in us and our abilities because you’re hearing it from an outside source who has seen you perform in various situations, which will give you the confidence and belief that you have the abilities and instincts to handle various situations you will encounter in life.


So after reading this post, I believe you know what tasks you should take for you to build the inner strength to, first of all, trust in yourself. What can be better than ability to be yourself? Feel the freedom. Yes, you have yourself and there’s really only one true source that we can rely on to make our lives better and to achieve our fullest potential: ourselves. We keep learning to understand ourselves better. We have to do that for ourselves to truly make an impact on our world in the very best way we can. Even just 1 percent every day is enough as long as you moving up forward. Self trust is a base to self confidence. And without self confidence we won’t be able to be strong with our decisions and in such case will be super difficult to rely on ourselves. So don’t worry, just be you, because no one else can do it better than yourself.

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