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Good morning sadness and pain

I am angry at the pain I am experiencing

Pain can give so much stress. Sometimes things can get tough and so hard and painful to overcome and eventually we get angry at the pain. We sure know the benefits and necessity of being positive and all that, but sometimes I think we all may want to say „F%ck it, it sucks!”. And it really sucks. All the “lessons” must be learnt and all that. Yeah sure. But really, how many times? I guess we all wish to be happy, so these lessons are so annoying. Isn’t it? So I get you, I get how you feel. Experiencing pain is never pleasant. Nevertheless let’s try to find that positive side of it.

Lessons that sucks

Have you recognized that these lessons happens at that moment when we truly are happy and then “baaam” here you go, grab a lesson! “F%ck it!” Enough! We no one need these repeated heartaches isn’t it. It really sucks. And it’s extremely painful. Who would want to live it again and again and again?? Then another question comes up: “Why the hell this keeps happening”?! I don’t deserve happiness or what? Or maybe I have done something so bad? Why can’t I be just simply happy? Yeah yeah, karma, past lives and all that..we get it.

So, I can’t really answer all this, but I think better to talk how to overcome pain, once it comes up, rather than put the energy to ”why? why me?”. Nevertheless, I wish I could, because it is hurting me also. Yes, karma or what ever past life. What is this? Huh? All these weird things. Why can’t we just be simply at peace and be happy. Oh yeah yeah, balance in life and blah blah blah.

But yeah, the lessons must be learnt. But actually learnt and not just skipped. I mean, whenever we are in pain, or hurt, at the end of the day we still pass it one day. One day we feel better, the next day even more better and so on. So we all get it, that the lessons sometimes sucks, but we also know these lessons can actually bring happiness at the end. Because when the next time something similar happens, we know already how to overcome it more easy and even quicker. Or we don’t repeat those situations that can bring pain, but once again, when we actually do have a look at it and learn from it.

I believe you hate pain too

I think I am the most peaceful person and all the fights or heartaches extremely hit me. So yeah at the end of the day we all have to find some strength to move on and find this happiness what we actually all deserve. That’s why we have the period of grieving and accepting the emotions, those feelings that everything is going down. I don’t like them feelings myself, no no no. In fact I hate them! I believe you hate it too. But even if we been conscious about life and we do understand the importance of absorbing our feelings, the pain is still here and we are not going to hide it any how. Actually hiding the pain can do even so much more harm really. So don’t hide. I mean don’t hide from yourself. I do not talk about others. It’s up to you if you want to show to others the pain you are living with. No doubts many will try to help you, at least I that’s my environment. And if they can really comfort you, talk to them. At least they will make some points and facts what you maybe can’t even think of them at that moment. So yeah, allow them to comfort you if this is what they can do for you.

How to release the pain?

But, the pain can be less painful, if you recognize it and ask yourself ”How come I feel this way right now?” I mean the actual reason of the pain. Because sometimes, we just feel physiologically the pain in the stomach, becoming over emotional and so on. Why is it so painful? What am I actually upset about? And you will be surprised really. Sometimes we are upset not exactly about the situation, but the situation is like the last drop in a very full glass. And maybe there must be some changes to be done when you view the whole situation in overall, and not only this last drop.

So what to do to feel less pain? Well I would suggest 3 things, about what you probably know already, or maybe not. Let me try and share what apparently helps me. Also most times we do know many things for sure, but yet, we don’t take actions towards it. So at this time, try to follow these steps practically. What are you going to lose at the end?

Before you start try to relax your body and mind.


  1. It’s been painful for me recently and couldn’t understand where those tears are coming from. Like for real! And now I sat down to write a blog post. Was thinking how should I concentrate and what to write about? Because to write about something positive when I am crying myself it’s not going to work. So then that was exactly what I said: “F%ck it!” Let me write what I feel right now. Let me just WRITE IT DOWN. So I am not writing about the exact situation what happened and all that, but writing down what and how the pain affects me. That I am angry that it’s paining. I am angry, because I don’t want to feel pain no more. I want to be happy! Bloody hell! But while writing it down I start feeling so much better. I start feeling the relief and it was easier even to breathe. Just write it down all the feelings and emotions you are experiencing right now. I sure still want to keep writing about it, how angry I am and how angry I am at the purpose of being positive and all that. But you get the point – WRITE IT DOWN.


      2. What I am going to share now you definitely know about it. That’s no doubts. But let me repeat it. Just remind yourself what you really love doing. As myself I do love music and create something new. I also like dancing. So I stand up and created a YouTube Video with the music I love and dancing to it, and at the end of the day I had to compile the video pieces to make it look at least somehow good. And so here you go, I created something beneficial for myself and hopefully others, by sharing it.


       3. And the third thing I mentioned above already – recognize your pain and feel it. Try to understand what you feel right now. How come it’s so painful? Maybe because you felt somehow bad for the past days already or maybe you are not happy about something and you could never speak about it. Just don’t hide it. Pain is still part of us and part of our own world. Usually when it’s painful we want, or we actually react to it instantly. So at this point don’t try to hide or solve what ever situation caused the pain, because first of all, you won’t solve it. At least you won’t solve it the way you would solve, once you are in a neutral mood. And second of all, solving the problem and not getting the results you want, will bring even more pain.


And yes sure, fine, the universe is sending you some signs, some lessons that must be learnt in order to get what you want, or for whatever reasons. Yeah yeah, we all know that. But feel it first, be angry at the pain that something or someone caused you. Don’t force yourself to pretend as if nothing has happened. It happened and it hurtful. But at the end of the day really, not every pain of course, but mostly the pain what appeared from certain situation or someone will bring peace eventually. Because the worry,most likely, was somewhere deep inside of you and was bothering you all this time. So now, you won’t be bothered any more, now at least you can get some answers and won’t be stuck! Now it’s time to move on energetically, what is the most valuable and important. At the end of the day, we have to concentrate on things what makes us happy and not somehow miserable.

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